Hodinkee’s Luxury Watch Collector’s Case Is Built For Traveling

Two handsome watch attachés offer plenty of space for your favorite timepieces.

Hodinkee x Globetrotter

If the journey really is worth as much as the destination, then the same should true for your collection of luxury watches: How they’re stored and put on display should reflect the care, quality and craftsmanship inherent in your favorite timepiece, right?

Hodinkee understands that the world of watches is vast, and the best timepieces on the planet deserve the best care.


Thankfully, the just-launched Hodinkee -TrotterWatch Attache Collection drives home the point that the resting place for your watch should be as exquisite as its presence on your wrist.

Of course, Hodinkee is no stranger to venturing beyond the world of watches and into areas that require equal amounts of precision and design knowledge, like last fall’s Hodinkee x Leica special-edition camera.


Fittingly, Hodinkee partnered with Globe-Trotter last year on a now-sold-out 10-watch case–if your watches still need an exceptional resting place, look no further.


Available in two sizes — one designed for three timepieces, and one set up to hold six — each case is a refined, elegant storage and transport solution for long-haul trips when more than one watch is required.

The three-timepiece is designed to fit within a city tote, while the six-watch case boasts a removable insert that can double as a workspace or a watch strap-changing station on the go (or at home).

It’s the beauty of each case, though, that the design is handsome enough to display proudly at home: Suede watch cushions rest within a grey textile lining, and elastic straps on the side offer space for your watch tools.

The cognac leather accents stand out handsomely and turn each case into a proper design item, befitting the rare watches within.


Hodinkee rightly notes that the ongoing partnership–and the success of last year’s 10-watch edition– proves that “those who have an appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into their timepieces want the same level of care from the case in which the watches travel.”


It’s hard to pass up the opportunity to bring your watch collection on the go in such rareified style, but you’ll have to invest a touch to get that: The three-watch case retails for $1,345, while only 50 of the $1,745-per-case six-watch set are available. It’s an easy choice though, since your luxury watch collection just might deserve it.