The Best Fall/Winter Colognes To Wear Now

Upgrade your scent game.

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We’re willing to bet you’re slowly but surely building out your perfect cold-weather wardrobe — and lifestyle — be it with a pair of the best fall chukka boots or with new bourbon for your bar cart. Your fall suiting and flannel shirts, too, are also making their way back into your daily rotation. Shouldn’t your scent follow much the same path.

There are certainly classic men’s colognes you can reliably wear most any time of year, but the best men’s colognes for fall and winter embrace the season in all its glory. Bonfire smoke lingers in the air, leaves crunch underfoot and yes, the best cold-weather colognes echo those same notes, be it tobacco, oak, leather or a bit of all three.

There’s a wider variety of stylish seasonal scents on the market than ever before, including solid cologne delivered in retro containers, as well as handsome cologne bottles to spruce up your bathroom counter.

The next time you lace up your boots and layer up with one of the best henley shirts, make sure your cologne is similarly on-point for brisk temperatures.

Alfred Lane Solid Bravado Cologne

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What is it about this shockingly affordable solid cologne that we love so much? Maybe it’s the way the textured scent lingers and cuts through heavier odors, or maybe it’s the retro-minded presentation of this old-school, refined tine from the modern man’s grooming brand, Alfred Lane. $22

Misc. Goods Co. Solid Cologne

Misc. Goods Co.

The presentation of this solid cologne is impressive enough in its own right (note the handsome wood container and replaceable metal tin). The scent is excellent in its own right, with notes of wood and leather in the Underhill fragrance. $78

Byredo Super Cedar Cologne


Byredo harnesses the deep, woodsy notes that accompany the best fall weekend excursions, and delivers it in a sleek package, to boot. Think of it like a refined cold-weather scent upgrade. $196

Jo Malone London English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne


Fall and winter call to mind many a scent, but Jo Malone London flips the equation on its head ever so slightly with nutty notes and those complementary woodsy, oaken tones. $155

Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather


Leave it to legendary style master Tom Ford to deliver a cologne with distinctive leather notes that are every bit as refined as the company’s legendary tailoring and casual wear. Starting at $175

Duke Cannon Sawtooth Cologne

As the no-nonsense grooming purveyors at Duke Cannon note, its Sawtooth Cologne is inspired by “exploring the open skies above densely forested terrain.” Not bad for a perfect cold-weather scent, right? $25

Montblanc Legend Eau de Toilette


Montblanc has a history of, quite frankly, legendary gear made for legendary adventures (just check out its luxury timepieces). This clean, refreshing scent touches on everything from sandalwood to lavender — consider it a cologne made for tailored affairs this winter. $95

D.S. and Durga Radio Bombay


Capture the warmth and heat of a tropical escape with this sandalwood-scented fragrance, with rich notes to complement your most refined flannel shirt and wool suit. $175