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Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury Promo
October 7, 2021
“Those who hold hot coals with aggression are the ones who get burned. He knows he’s lost twice and that he’s going to lose the third time.”
September 26, 2021
Joshua lost to the former gold medalist by unanimous decision.
Mike Tyson
November 24, 2020
“There’s so many people out there that we can do so much for, and it wouldn’t even be a 10th of their charitable heart to do something like that.”
Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder II Promo
February 23, 2020
“The king has returned to the top of the throne!”
Anthony Joshua Andy Ruiz Promo
December 6, 2019
Can Joshua regain his heavyweight titles, or will Ruiz shock the world once again?
June 2, 2019
Ruiz is now the first boxer of Mexican descent to become heavyweight champion, and an inspiration to fat guys everywhere.
Tyson Fury Promo
December 4, 2018
“I’m not interested in becoming a millionaire or a billionaire.”
Deontay Wilder
March 2, 2018
“I will show the world what I have been saying all along, that I am the best heavyweight in the world.”