25 Classic Maxim Photos of Shannon Elizabeth

Happy birthday to Shannon Elizabeth, who turns 43 today.

Celebrate Shannon Elizabeth’s birthday with these classic Maxim photos. 

Where you’ve seen her:

As naughty Nadia in American Pie and American Pie 2, also in Scary Movie, Tomcats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Thir13en Ghosts, Love Actually, Johnson Family Vacation, Cursed, and The Kid & I.

Deconstructing hairy:

“I like excessive facial hair, and I like long hair. I like the bad-boy look, unkempt. I’ve never been big on back hair. But I’ve always dated guys with goatees and beards.”

Whipped dream:

“I wouldn’t call [my boyfriend] a slave. I don’t whip him when he does something wrong. Just when he does something good.”

Girl on top:

“I’ve always been sexually aggressive! I’ve always felt that sex was one of the few really purely enjoyable activities in life, and it was one thing I’ve never been complex about. Even though my family is fairly conservative, sex was never something I felt ashamed or awkward about. It’s healthy and completely liberating if you allow yourself to be carried away by it.”