Maserati Will Electrify Entire Lineup by 2025

Whether the Italian marque will produce more hybrids or battery-electric vehicles remains to be seen.

Maserati MC20

Maserati is the latest automaker to commit to some form of an entirely electric fleet in the coming years. The news comes from a very brief Reuters report citing Maserati Chief Operating Officer Davide Grasso that states the following: 

All vehicles of Fiat Chrysler’s premium brand Maserati will be electrified, either hybrid or full-electric, in the next five years, the unit’s chief executive said on Thursday.

Maserati Ghibli Hybird

The Italian luxury marque began the process with the introduction of the Ghibli Hybrid sedan, its first electrically-powered vehicle. Grasso added that the sportier Gran Turismo convertible and Gran Cabrio, the previous generation of which were powered by V8s, will be included in the transition. The upcoming Grecale SUV, due out next year, will debut with with gas-powered and hybrid powertrain options soon. 

Elektrek notes that Maserati’s parent company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, has been particularly slow to move to electrification. In fact, none of FCA’s other brands—Dodge, Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Ram are noteworthy—have delivered road cars equipped with anything more advanced than a hybrid engine. As such, the EV-focused outlet predicts that many of the Maserati models planned for 2025 will be hybrids.  


Two of FCA’s biggest rivals, Volkswagen Group and General Motors, have made greater steps towards electrification. VW’s Bentley and Porsche have both promised more electric options in the future, with the British coach car maker promising to be electric-only by 2030. In the U.S. GM announced a $2 billion investment in a plant dedicated to battery-electric production on the same day that the GMC Hummer EV was announced. 

We’ll see if FCA and Maserati can catch up.