Porsche’s All-Electric Taycan Is Automaker’s Top-Selling Sports Car in the U.S.

The Tesla rival has officially outperformed its 911, Panamera and 718 stablemates.

Porsche Taycan Promo

Porsche’s first and only all-electric sports car has proven to be a cash cow in the U.S—at least according to a new third-quarter sales report. 

For the first time since it was launched last year, the Porsche Taycan outsold the German automaker’s gas-powered sports cars—the 911 and 718—as well as the full-size Panamera sedan. 

For now, the Taycan is still the third-best-selling Porsche here, behind the company’s Macan and Cayenne SUVs. But that could change if the buzzy all-electric Taycan’s sales surge continues.

Porsche’s Third-Quarter sales figures

Road and Track points out the that the recent strong Taycan sales numbers are a departure from second quarter numbers, when the 911 outsold the Taycan, 718 and Panamera combined during an industry-wide pandemic slump.

The Taycan in white

 “We’ve never had such an exciting lineup in U.S. showrooms – with demand for the new all-electric Taycan growing to the point that it was our third best-selling model line this quarter, just behind the Macan and Cayenne,” said Porsche executive Joe Lawrence. “Our thrilling cars and the legendary customer experience provided by Porsche dealers are contributing to an ongoing recovery.”

This bodes well for the Taycan itself, Porsche’s long-term plan to electrify half of its fleet by 2025, and electric  vehicles in general. 

Earlier this year, Tesla became the world’s most valuable car company, topping Toyota and Volkswagen. And Elon Musk’s company hasn’t even begun deliveries of its most impressive model yet—the 1,100-horsepower, sub-two-second Model S Plaid. Look for the high-powered EV wars to only get more competitive in the months and years to come.